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Complete Fleet Trailer Refurbishment

Every trailer will naturally wear and dull with normal everyday use. Here at Mecum Fleet Service, we choose to go against the grain of today's "throw away" culture and breathe new life into these trailers. We comb through each and every part to make sure that it is going to last at least five years. Because it is the face of your company, we also take the time to go through and refresh all the cosmetic features around the trailer and get them looking like new. This can even include vinyl removal and installation! Look below to see some of our completed work.

With our complete refurbish package, we keep your trailers looking like new for years.

Some of our repairs and upgrades include:

  • Door installation/repair

  • Approach plate repair

  • Wheel and Tire installation

  • Automatic tire inflation system

  • Lift gate repair or installation

  • Brake installation

  • Slack adjusters

  • Wiring harness repair or installation

  • Air line repair or installation

  • Complete light replacement

  • Cross member repair

  • And many more!

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