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Preventative Maintenace

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your trailers up and running according to DOT specifications with our trained technicians. We follow 70 point check list that includes but is not limited to:

Exterior and Visual Inspection

  • Inspect and test seven-pin connector receptacle​

  • Inspect glad hands

  • Inspect light lenses and reflectors

  • Inspect wiring harness(es)

  • Inspect rear bumper

  • Inspect door, handles, hinges, locks, and tiebacks

  • Operate rear door

Undercarriage and Suspension

  • Inspect upper coupling and kingpin

  • Inspect crossmembers and substructures

  • Inspect wiring harness(es) and air lines

  • Inspect landing gear

  • Inspect springs and hangers

  • Torque u-bolts

  • Inspect torque rods, radius rods, and bushings

Interior Inspection

  • Inspect interior walls and scuff liner

  • Inspect roof bows and sheeting

  • Check doors for proper sealing

  • Inspect floor for weak areas, holes, and/or damage

  • Inspect tie downs and tracks

  • Inspect deck and deck hardware


  • Lubricate Landing gear

  • Lubricate seven-pin connector receptacle(s)

  • Lubricate all suspension fittings

  • Lubricate doors

  • Lubricate brake slack adjusters

  • Service automatic/central lubrication system

  • Fill automatic/central lubrication system


  • Inspect brake lining and drums

  • Check air brake system for abnormalities

  • Adjust all brakes

  • Check automatic slack adjusters (if equipped)

  • Drain air tanks

  • Inspect tank mounting

  • Inspect ABS system (if equipped)

Tires, Wheels, and Hubs

  • Check wheel bearings for play

  • Check hubcaps and wheel seals for leaks

  • Check lube levels and fill as required

  • Check for irregular wear patterns

  • Check dual mating

  • Inspect wheels for cracks and other wear

  • Inspect lateral runout

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